Pilot Travel Center and Flying J commit to offering a great service for the customers. Their service focuses on providing fuel and food along with comfortable travel centers. The business has more than 550 locations in the US and Canada. With the great numbers of travel centers, Pilot Flying J employs many employees as well. That is why this company creates an online portal called as Pilot Employee Login.

Pilot employee login is also known as Pilot Travel Center Sign-in Page. The staffs of Pilot Flying J can visit pilotravelcenters.com for the login service. Through Pilot employee portal, the workers can access their employment account. Besides, the Pilot’s employees also can manage their benefits. As we know, all staffs of Pilot Flying J receive many benefits. No matter Pilot hires you as a part-time or full-time employee; you will get the great offers of benefits.

The benefits make Pilot Flying J be an interesting place to work. Many applicants are attracted to be the part of the company. With this article, we want to help the new Pilot Flying J employees. They may not familiar with Pilot Employee Login. So, we present the clear instruction how to log into Pilot Travel Center site. Besides, we also provide Pilot benefit information as well. Furthermore, we inform you about the career you can apply at Pilot Flying J Company.

The Simple Procedure of Pilot Employee Login

The way to log into Pilot Travel Center portal is easy. But, as a Pilot new hired staff, you may not be accustomed to logging into the site. You may get some troubles when you try to access your Pilot personal account. But, you should not be panic since we will gladly guide you. Before reaching the Pilot Flying J Employee Login page, you should prepare some personal details in hand. For instance, you have to prepare the employee ID, initial of your name, year of birth, and SSN.

pilot employee login

Moreover, you should use a computer or laptop which has access to the internet. Furthermore, you have to check your browser setting. It is because; you have to enable the JavaScript. If this setting is disabled, your browser will not be able to load the Pilot Flying J employee portal. When you are sure that everything is well-prepared, you can do these following steps.

  • Load Pilot Travel Centers Employee Portal.

There are two ways of accessing Pilot Employee Login page. First, you can visit www.pilotravelcenters.com/login/employee_login.aspx. Besides, you can type pilot employee login on Google or other search engines. You will find Pilot Travel Center login link. The second way, you can visit www.pilotflyingj.com. This site is the home page of Pilot Flying J Company. Then, you can scroll down the site until you find Pilot Employee Login link. It is on the right bottom corner of the page. You can select it to access the login section for Pilot’s employee.

  • Enter the Pilot employee number.

To reach your Pilot Flying J employee sign-in account, you need to enter four requirements. The first, you have to input the Pilot employee ID number.

  • Write your initials.

Then, you can continue to the second box by writing the initials of your first and last name. For instance, if your name is Susan Smith, you should type SS on the box.

  • State the year when you were born.

Next, you can write the four digits of the birth year. For instance, you can state that you were born in 1980.

  • Type your SSN (Social Security Number).

You only need four digits of SSN. For instance, if your SSN is 135-74-2593, you have to enter 2593 to the last field.

  • Check your details then press Submit button.

You have to check twice the information you have entered. If there is no mistake, you can select the gray Submit button. Then, you can access your Pilot employee account.

Sometimes, you cannot sign into Pilot Employee Login site. It may be caused by a typo. So, when you cannot log in, you should try to re-enter your login details. This action is to test whether the login failure is due to the typo. If you still cannot sign into Pilot, you can contact Pilot Flying J help desk. You can email them at helpdesk@pilottravelcenters.com. This way, you can explain the situation you face. Besides, you also can call Pilot Customer care at 1 800 562 6210.

The List of Benefits Offered by Pilot Flying J

Pilot Flying J offers the employee benefits for all of its workers. When you start to work at Pilot, you can enjoy the wide range of benefits. For instance, you can get Employee Assistance Program, Medical Plan, Life Insurance, etc. These benefits are for either part-time or full-time employees. Full-time staffs are those who work more than 30 hours in a week. Besides, part-time employees work less than 30 hours per weeks.

You can access pilot-flyingJ.com/benefit to view the list of employee benefits. You can check some of the Pilot benefits below.

  • Employee Assistance Program.

Pilot offers EAP (Employee Assistance Program) for the staffs, spouses, as well as children. You can get the full range of services related to your health and wellness. You can contact EAP specialist who is available for 24/7.

  • Medical Plan.

Medical coverage is only for full-time staff. Pilot provides three Medical Plans which the employee can choose.

  • 401K retirement plan.

When you work at Pilot Flying J Travel Center, you automatically enrolled in this retirement program. When you are eligible, Pilot will deduct 2% from your salary. You can change your contribution too. Besides, you also can stop giving the contribution by contacting Wells Fargo.

  • Tuition Reimbursement.

Tuition program is only for a full-time team member. You can apply for this program if you have been employed for one year. Luckily, you can get up to $6000 each year.

  • Voluntary Supplemental Product.

This program includes some products of insurance. For instance, you can enroll Pilot Flying J benefits such as Accident Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance.

  • Disability.

Pilot offers disability insurance for the full-time staffs that are unable to work. They have to enroll the disability program to get this advantage. The company will cover 60% of the base salary.

  • Flexible Spending Account.

With this program, the Pilot employees can save money for the future expenses. It allows them to set aside the pre-tax fund. So, they can use the budget for medical as well as dependent care cost.

The List of Career you can Apply at Pilot Flying J

When you visit Pilot Flying J Travel Center site, you can search the jobs offered. Pilot opens various job opportunities for you. You can choose the position which you wish. For instance, Pilot opens the chance to work at travel center, drivers, and support center. There are some positions which you can apply for. Here, we explain the types of jobs on Pilot Flying J.

  1. Travel Center

Pilot Travel Centers are spread in the US and Canada. They serve the trucks and other vehicles which want to refuel or recharge. At Pilot, you can apply for some careers. Pilot travel center is the best place where you can start your career path. You can be a manager who controls your team. Besides, you can work as customer service in the fast food outlet across North America. Besides, you can apply for the jobs at retail as well. You can decide whether you want to be a full-time or part-time worker.

Being the part of Pilot Flying J Company, you will experience a great workplace. You can use your bright smile and the great personality to serve the customer. Besides, the work environment is so fun that you can get the family-like team. The co-workers are supportive, and they will help you with daily task. So, you will get the chance to learn the new skill from them. Working at travel center of Pilot can offer you excellent benefits. Besides, you can work at stable hours. Furthermore, you can get advancement chance as well.

If you want to be the manager at Pilot Travel Center, you should be ready for the big task. You have to be able to generate and perform the plans to achieve the sales goal. Besides, the most important thing is that you can get customer satisfaction. Being a manager can strengthen your leadership skill. So, you can improve your career. The manager of Pilot Flying J can get excellent compensation. Moreover, they can receive great benefits as well.

  1. Drivers

If you like a challenging job, you can try to be Pilot Flying J Drivers. You can feel the great jobs on the road. The positions offered as the drivers are fuel transport, crude oil driver, and DEF. Your task is delivering the fuel to other Pilot Travel Centers. As the Pilot Flying J drivers, you can have the insurance and saving plan. Besides, you can receive competitive income and benefits as well. Pilot Flying J drivers get paid weekly. They can get safety bonus too. You should not worry the night shift. It is because you can be at home every night. The trucks you drive are new. All equipment is well maintained, so it ensures your safety.

  1. Support Center.

The support center team helps the customers. They connect them with the corporate headquarters. The team also serves the drivers. If you like a help desk job, you can apply for this position. You will be responsible for the operation of Travel Center. Besides, you also contribute the fuel distribution and sales as well. Pilot offers a competitive salary for the support center. It also has the progressive technology to serve the customers.

The efficiency is a crucial matter in business. That is why a huge company will accompany with portal system. It is the place where all the workers access everything they need. JCPenney employee kiosk is one among others. The existence of JCPenney employee kiosk is shorter the time. So the employees can access the recent information anytime. Time is a precious as money. If we water the time, we waste the money. Access the JCPenney employee kiosk will be a need for all JCP employees. It helps them to get the data they need. It is such as the paystub, schedule and so on. Even more, the JCPenney employee kiosk offers some benefits for the users. If you are a new user, perhaps you need help to access it.

The JCPenney employee kiosk gives the fast and effective feature to use. The users only need to prepare the login details. It is only password and employee ID. By those two things, the user can access the data. The data available are related to the employment thing in JCP of course. Indeed, the user can get the special offer as well. It is a discount to use in online shopping. Doesn’t it interesting? You as the active user can get the discount for shopping at JCP website. It may not give to others but you. The user of JCPenney employee kiosk comes from various statuses. They can be full time or part time employees.

All of the employees under JCP can access their employment data here. It makes them able to manage the work well. The employee records are one example that found useful here. You can check for it even if you are at the free time. Or you are on holiday or at home as well. The record of you work time helps to measure the fee. Perhaps it will be useful for the part-time workers. Record in JCPenney employee kiosk helps them to count the income. Or it can help them to manage the days off. In other case, benefits the user can get are the discount program. It is only for the employees of JCP.

JCPenney Employee Kiosk

JCPenny associates kiosk login

The first step to accessing the employment data is log into the site. You have to go to JCPenney associate kiosk official page. Type the address in your browser. Since JCPenney associate kiosk is the global portal, you must have login details. After you arrive at the homepage, look for the login area. There you will see two areas to fill with login details. It will be your password and user ID. Those two are the requirements to get into the JCPenney associate kiosk page.

The employee ID that you use will contain about nine numbers. It is not a random number, but it has secret initial. That is why the number holder is the only one who knows about it. It is a must not to share to anyone about it. The password will have JCP initial. For the first time login in JCPenney associate kiosk, you will use the default password. It contains 11 digits of numbers and initials. The initial of JCP will be typed in uppercase. Then you will have the initial number of your month birth. It will take two digits for month birth. After that, you will have initial of your year birth. This initial will take two digit numbers. The last is four digits for the SSN.

Once you make the password in that way, you can reset it later. It is an official act to start the access to JCPenney associate kiosk. You can reset the password as you want. Be sure you make the one that easy for you to remember. The system applied in this portal is SSL. So you will not have a feeling to worry about your privacy here.

Kiosk JCP Associate information

Once you make the login in success, you can continue to see the information inside. The kiosk JCP site allows you to see things like schedule, paycheck, and benefits. The kiosk JCP is also helped in managing the time to work. Perhaps you have a certain target of payment to reach. What the system offers by kiosk JCP is great to use. Through the system, you will see the schedule.

Even more, it is easy to download. Then you can get the copy of it. You can stick it everywhere which you can see. It helps to manage the time you spend for working and holiday. Kiosk JCP site arranges the personal issue such as day off, sick or vacation. All the information is available in online. So anytime you wish you can see it through Smartphone or laptop. As long as you have the internet connection, the JCP kiosk is there for you.

JCP employee kiosk Benefits

Along with the feature relate to employment matter, you can get the others. JCPenney employee kiosk offers online and stores discounts. It is only for the internal people who are the employees. When the employee accesses the JCP online store, the discount can use to shop. However, the benefits are offered for the part time too. They, who work for not more than 35 hours per week, consider as part time. The things like health insurance, vacation payment and days off can enjoy. The program such as 401K plan is also available as the benefit here. All the benefits can be accessed by the user of JCP employee kiosk.

Jc Penney Kiosk

To get the full access of JC Penney Kiosk site, you must pass some steps. How to get the JCPenney employee kiosk page? The JC Penney kiosk can get access through writing the address in the browser. The next, your browser will search the web. But you must make an internet connection first. Don’t worry to get the wrong spell for the JC Penney kiosk address. Once you make it wrong, there will be some options appear in the browser. So it is like the recommendation of the right address. The option that exists there can pick as a recommendation. It will not hard to find as long you get the right address name. Or you can rely on link help. Just need a click to arrive at the JCPenney employee kiosk site.

How to log into associate kiosk JCPenney

Even if it looks simple, but some users are getting trouble with it. Well, it maybe sounds weird, but the fact is talking. Some people may get confused or have no idea where to start. As you start your day in JCP Company, you should help yourself all alone. Except if it is beyond your control, it is possible to ask help. But to login into the associate kiosk JCPenney, you can do it with yourself.

Once you go to the associate kiosk JCPenney, and then go to home section. You just need to click the associate kiosk @ home link. It makes you feel easier. After that, you will move to another screen to log in the account. Please prepare for the login details. You will need employee user ID number and password. If it is your first time to login in associate kiosk JCPenney, then use the default password.

At the moment you have no the password yet, register it now. You have to click the option register as a new user. It is available in the associate kiosk JCPenney website. By clicking this option, you will face the form to register. Perhaps there are one and other things to fill in the form. You must be honest to fill each question. Since some questions determine your access later. For example, you forget the password. All you can do is reset the password with help from the JCPenney employee kiosk site.

Once you use this future, you will get ask some questions. It is what we call security issues. JCPenney employee kiosk will connect the user and profile on the site. If the system matches, then you can reset the password. But if you put the things in wrong, it will be hard to reset the password. So be careful while filling the profile details.

Be sure you fill each of the blank spaces on the online form. Once you finish, and then submit the form. Wait for a moment to get the next clue. Indeed, it is important or you to notice about the JCP kiosk access. Some feature can use in JCP computer only. It means you have to access it in the office or workplace. So don’t get confused if you happen can’t get access to some information.

How to access schedule on JCP associates kiosk

One of the primary goals of accessing JCP associates kiosk is schedule. The employee of JCP will concern more about it. It relates to the professionalism of the worker. So, that is why attention more to the schedule will be so crucial to think about. Then how to get the access of JCP associate kiosk? After you log in, you will enter the profile page. It is where you can see your employment details. If it is so, please take a look at the left side. Then please try to find JTime Launchpad option. It is the feature to see the JCPenney employee kiosk schedule. Everything you need about work schedule is here. Only a click then you gets everything. To make you feel easier, the schedule is available to download. So you can take it anywhere you want. The great thins is you can make a copy of it.