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Chick Fil A is a well-known quick service restaurant. This outlet is famous as the biggest chicken restaurant franchise in the US. Founded 50 years ago, now it runs more than 1600 outlets in 42 states. Chick Fil A serves the customers in its restaurant, drive-thru, dwarf house as well as a lunch counter. With numerous outlets, it can serve many people nationwide. Chick Fil A always tries to improve its quality of service. So, this company creates a portal to provide the customer survey. This website is known as MyCFAvisit.

Through the survey at, the customer can share their experience during their visit at Chick Fil A. The company will use this feedback to increase its business. Chick Fil A will appreciate the respondents of Mycfavisit. So, it offers a coupon code at the end of Chick Fil A Survey. This code serves as a redeemable coupon. Then, the customers can redeem this code with a free chicken sandwich. Chick-Fil-A offers this coupon since the customers have given a valuable contribution. Your suggestion is useful for the company’s future direction.

Customers are the most vital part of the company. Chick Fil A will not be able to exist without their visit. That is why Chick Fil A gladly receives their voice regarding the quality of the food and service. By reviewing what the customers want, this restaurant will make progress in its business. Based on the comment and suggestion from the buyer, Chick-Fil-A will create innovation. This outlet may introduce the new menu. Besides, it may improve the staffs’ service. ChickFilA may also make the improvement of the environment. So, the customers will be pleased to visit this chicken restaurant.

The Requirements to Taking Online Survey at MyCFAvisit

If you want to take part Chick Fil A survey at MyCFAvisit, you should prepare your receipt. But, you only have two days after the purchase to take My CFA visit survey. You need to enter the code at the bottom of your bill. Then, you can start answering the questionnaire. Upon the completion of My Chick Fil A Visit Survey, you will get a code. But, this code is only for a person each visit.


Having a receipt is not enough to be able to take My Chick Fil A visit survey. Since the survey is available online, you should prepare the internet access. Besides, you also need a computer, notebook, tablet, or mobile phone. Using PC or laptop is better than other devices. You will be able to complete the survey quickly. So, you do not waste your time waiting for your smartphone loading. Here are the usability report of some devices.

  • PC or laptop

The usability rating of laptop or computer is 4/5. It means most of the people suggest you use PC. You will only need 10 minutes to complete it. Besides, the survey may ask you to answer three open-ended questions.

  • Tablet or iPad.

The rating is only 3/5. The web page for a tablet is unavailable. But you still can take the MyCFAvisit.

  • Mobile phone.

The rating for a smartphone is only 2/5. It is because the web page of Chick Fil A customer survey is not designed for a smartphone. So, you may face the slow loading. That is why you may take longer time for survey completion.

Apart from receipt, computer, and the internet, you also need to acquire Spanish or English. Chick-Fil-A survey portal only provides two language choices. Most of the questions at are in the form of Likert Scale. So you only need to click the level of satisfaction provided. It provides five scales to express your feeling when you visit the outlet. Besides, it also provides open questions. So, you can give detailed comment or suggestions. Chick Fil A expects the honest answers from the respondents. Therefore, you should answer the Chick Fil A questionnaire truthfully.

The Instruction to Taking Chick Fil A Customer Satisfaction Survey

In fact, the procedure of completing the survey at Mycfavisit is simple. When you have all requirements in hand, you can start the survey anytime. Then, after answering some questions related to Chick Fil A service, you will get a coupon code. After that, you can redeem it with an Original Chicken sandwich at the next visit. Here is the step by step of taking Chick-Fil-A Customer Survey.

  • Load

Chick Fil A provides a special web as the survey portal. This site is Mycfavisit. You should remember that you only can take the Chick Fil A survey at You will not find this survey at the official site of Chick Fil A at

  • Enter the code.

You can look at the code on the bottom portion of your receipt. This serial number consists of 22 digits. The code is separated by dashes.

  • Answer the survey questions.

Chick Fil A has provided some questions asking about your experience when you come to the outlet. The questionnaire has five points scale. It consists of some choices such as highly satisfied up to highly dissatisfied. Your task is only clicking on the circle which describes your feeling.

  • Enter your zip code.

After finishing the questionnaire, you should input your zip code. Chick Fil A will use it to identify your location.

  • Get the validation code.

Since you have completed the survey at Mycfavisit, the site will show a code. You should write this code behind your receipt. Then, you can redeem the coupon with a chicken sandwich in the Chick Fil A outlet nearby.

The Questionnaire at Mycfavisit Satisfaction Survey

In fact, there are two types of the questionnaire at My CFA visit online survey. The first is five-point scale questions. The second is the open question. The Likert Scale describes the customers’ level of satisfaction. So, if you want to voice your feeling, you can click on the circle given. Here are the lists of the topic on the questionnaire.

  • The service was given by Chick Fil A team members.

First, you have to rate how well the Chick Fil A staffs serve you. It also asks you whether the station is easy to access. Besides, it asks whether the Chick Fil A menu is easy to identify.

  • The taste of food.

Then, Chick-Fil-A wants to know whether you are satisfied with the food’s temperature. You can give your opinion whether the food is fresh. Besides, you should also reply the questions about the taste of food. You will also find the question asking about the portion size of the food. Furthermore, you can express your thought about the variety of the menu.

  • The friendliness of the staff member.

Then you can rate whether the Chick-Fil-A staffs are courteous and attentive. Then, you should give information if the team cares about you.

  • the cleanliness and neatness.

The next question will ask about the employee’s neatness. You can rate the team member’s appearance. Besides, you should also rate the level of cleanliness of the restaurant and restroom. If you do not have any feedback, you can select N/A.

  • the menu you order.

The survey then asks you about the menu which you buy on your visit. It will show the list of the food and beverage. For instance, you can choose Sandwich, Nuggets, Salad, Chick and Strips, Waffle Fries, Milk Shake, Desert, etc. You can check all items which you order. Then you should tell if your order is correct. Then, you should identify if you receive proper condiments or utensil. The next, you should answer honestly if all items are prepared correctly by the team. When you think that there is something missing from your menu, you have to tell it.

  • The willingness to recommend.

The next, you can tell Chick Fil A if you want to come back to eat in the same outlet. Besides, you should also express whether you want to recommend Chick-Fil-A to your family or friends.

  • The description of the order placement.

You can use the options given such as Fast, Slow, Confusing, Clear, Stressful, Stress-free. If the choices do not describe your feeling, you can choose none of the options.

The List of Open-Ended Questions at Mycfavisit Survey

The Chick-Fil-A Customer Survey also contains essay questions. Chick Fil A wants to know your opinion about the service given. You are free to write what you have experienced on your visit. Here are the sample of the questions.

  • Your problem during the visit.

The survey will ask you about the problem when you order and eat at Chick Fil A. when you tell that there were some issues, you can tell it honestly. Then, you may be asked about the solution to correct this problem. If you were not satisfied, you could complete the details about the problems you face. In contrast, if you do not find any problem, you can simply answer NO.

  • Share your opinion.

Then, Chick Fil A gives you a chance to share your experience. You can give praise, suggestions, or comment. Your thought will be useful for the improvement of Chick Fil A restaurants. So, you have to explain it honestly. So, the issue you bring can make this restaurant correct their service. You can share your opinion in 750 characters.

After sharing your thought, you can continue to few more questions. The next, the survey asks you the frequency you visit Chick Fil A in this month. They also ask you about the location of the Chick-Fil-A you often visit. Then, they also ask you how often you go to other fast food outlets. You can choose the answer by clicking the drop-down menu. The last question is not related to the customer experience. It is so since the survey asks about the type of mobile phone you have. You can say whether you use iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, or Blackberry. Now, you have completed the Chick-Fil-A survey. Then, you can write the validation code on the screen as a coupon.