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Mcdvoice is an online portal owned by McDonald to do Customer Satisfaction Survey. As we know, McDonald is the lasrgest burger fast food outlets in the world. In the beginning, McDonald is BBQ restaurant. But, now it becomes a fast food restaurant. It serves more than 68 million customers in 119 countries every day. It also has 35.000 outlets spread around the world. The outlets are owned by the company itself, affiliate, and franchise.

McDonald’s company gets the revenues from the sales, royalties, and fees from the franchises. Most of the chains sell burger, fries, chicken, breakfast items, soft drinks, and dessert. But, McDonalds also expland the menu such as fish, smoothies, wraps, salad, etc. With the various menus above, McDonalds attracts many people to eat there. This outlet always tries to improve its service. So, it creates McDonalds survey to evaluate their performance. Besides, it also wants to know what the people wants.

Service Management Group provides for the customers. The aim of this site is to know the approval or disapproval of the customers about the products and service. Besides, this survey also helps McDonald to identify the unsatisfied buyers. McD expects the feed back from you. So, they can get the powerful effect to expand its business. The Customer Survey helps the staff to gain the customer expectation. But, if they get negative feedback, the survey can warn the company about the issue which can affect the profit. Whatever the result of the survey, it will be beneficial for the company. They will be able to improve the customer experience.


The Procedure of Mcdvoice Customer Survey

When you purchase the menu at McDonald, you will get a receipt. This receipt will contain a Mcdvoice survey code. You can use it to redeem special offer from McD. But, you have to fill out the McDvoice customer survey. The reward is the way to attract the customers to join the survey. Besides, the happy buyer will come back and repeat purchase. Besides, the survey also gives the chance to the customers to speak up and give the opinion about McDonald.

The buyers only have seven days to take Mcdvoice customer survey from the date of the purchase. Why does McDonald only gives 7 days? It is because McD wants to make sure that the customer provide the accurate information dealing with their visit. They may forget the details so they cannot give the feedback. McDvoice wants the customers to hold on the code at the receipt to complete the Customer satisfaction survey. After completing the survey, they will get a coupon. Then, they can redeem the coupon for free items offered by McDonald.

McDonald provides free item as the reward of the survey. But, it just allows the customers to take the surveys five times in a month. If you want to access McDonald survey, you should connect with internet access. It means, you have to visit McDvoice portal. They do not allow you to complete the survey via the phone. At the end of the survey, the system will give you  McDvoice validation code. This code serves as the coupon in your future visit. But, you cannot combine the survey coupon with other coupons.

There are some requirements you need to prepare if you want to take McDvoice Customer Survey. First, you need a computer or mobile device as internet access. Besides, you will also need a receipt from McDonald. Every tansaction in this outlet will give you a recipt. Since the portal only has two choices of language, you should have ability to understand Spanish and English. To guide you to take the survey, here we provide the procedures of taking Mcdvoice customer survey.

  • Visit

Since the survey is only available online, you have to load the McDonald survey portal. You can use your web browser to go to On the home page of Mcdvoice, you can choose the preferred language. There are two preferences; English and Spanish.

  • Choose the receipt.

On the main page, you will see two types of receipts. Then, you have to select the type of receipt which you receive from the McD. The first bill contains survey code. Besides, another receipt is without a code.

  • Enter the survey code.

After choosing  the receipt, you can input the survey code which appears at the top of the bill. This code usually consists of 26 digits. But, if you do not find any code in the transaction bill, you can choose the second receipt. Then, the site asks you to enter some details. For instance, you have to input the store number, date and time of visit, KS number,order, and the total of amount spent. Besides, you have to indicate that your age is more than 13 years old.

  • Answer the survey.

Then, you can go on to complete the survey by answering all of questions. Your answer should be based on the real experience when you visit McD store. I recommend you to take the survey soon after your visit. So, you still remember the details of their service. This way, you can fill out the survey honestly. Besides, you should provide the answers candidly.

  • Get McDvoice validation code

After finishing the survey, the site will give you a reward code. You can use this code to get special offer from McD printed on the receipt. The reward may be different day by day. Then, you should write this code on the back of your receipt.

You have to remember that this code will expire one month (30 days) after the receipt date. One offer is only for one person in each visit. Besides, you cannot duplicate, transfer, or sold McDonald coupon. If you have any questions related to the McDvoice surveys, you should contact the McDonald’s Customer Service at 800.244.6227.

The Benefits of McDonald Survey for Customer and Company

For some people, they may feel that taking the survey is useless. It only wastes their time. Also, they may throw the receipts after purchasing. So, they never participate the McD survey. But if they know the advantages of this survey, they may change their mind. Participating in the survey means sharing your feedback regarding the food and service.

Some of you may wonder where and how you can take McDonald’s survey. Some outlets may provide the survey forms on the table. So, you can fill it out once you make a purchase. If no forms available, you can tell their staff that you want to participate in the survey. Then, they will give you a form to fill in. But now, Mcdonalds have improved its service. It creates McDvoice online portal for electronic survey. This website provides the survey for several branches worldwide. Sometimes, the staff member will offer you a device to request you fill the satisfaction form. So, you can speak up your critic and suggestion.

In fact, McDvoice is beneficial for both customers and company. For the customer, they will get a coupon soon after they finish the survey. Then, they can redeem the coupon at the McDonald outlet nearby. Besides, the customer can be free to express their dissatisfaction. Futhermore, the survey also provide valuable information for the McDonald itself. The feedback from customers can help them to improve the performance and service. The result of the survey pevent the company to make unnecessary change. So, in the future, they can meet the customer’s satisfaction and expectation.

The Questions asked in the McDonald Satisfaction Survey

This survey is available for the customer who purchase the menu at the store or delivery service. When you get a receipt, you will see a code at the top part of it. This code is useful to take part the McDonalds online survey. What you do is only visiting McdVoice, entering the code, and answering the survey questions. This process only takes a few minutes to do. So, you will not waste your time since you will get the coupons after completing it. Here are the sample of questions which you may find in the survey.

  • How is the rate of your satisfaction with the service you got at McD.

It is your chance to express your happy or unhappy feeling when you visit Mcdonalds. If you are disappointed with the service given, you can criticize them. Besides, you can give the suggestions so they can improve its service

  • Where you buy McDonald menu.

Then, the survey may ask you where you order the food. You can tell whether you order the food at the outlet, drive thru, or delivery service.

  • Questions about menu.

The next, they may ask you about the menu at McDonald. You can express the taste of the menu. Besides, you can also give your opinion about the food presentation.

  • Questions about the professionalism of McDonald’s staffs.

In this section, you can explain what you feel about the performance of the McD staffs. You can describe the speed of their work. For instance, you can complain that their service is slow. Besides, you also can criticize whether the staffs are not friendly.

  • Questions about environment.

The next, they will ask you about the condition of McD outlet. You can speak up about the cleanliness. If the customers say that the outlet is dirty, they will improve the cleanliness.

  • How often you visit McDonald.

Sometimes, the survey also asks the people about the frequency of their visit. You can answer how often you go to McDonald in a week, month, or year.

The last, the survey may ask whether you want to recommend McDonald menu to other people. If you like the menu and the service offered, you can recommend it to your friend. That is all about McDvoice. Since you know the benefits, you must not want to miss the survey after getting the McDonald receipt. So, you can enjoy the menu, take the survey and get the extra coupon.