Kenya: Restrictions tightened on EU food exports

Anyone exporting foodstuffs to the EU from Kenya will face more robust safety checks starting this month.

The Horticultural Crops Development Authority (HCDA) ruled that from January 1, all exporters of key vegetables to the bloc will have to provide details of the safety standards of their produce.

“All exporters of beans and peas including French beans, runner beans, sugar snaps, snow peas and garden peas are required to fill the common entry document Annex II in line with new EU requirements,” it said in a notice.

Under the new regulations, exporters to the EU will be required to fill a Common Entry Document (CED) which would be counter checked by authorities to confirm compliance with all safety controls on harmful elements such as Aflatoxins, pesticide residues and metals such as lead.

The move comes as a result of threatened food trade with Europe over the last two years due to tightening restrictions on pesticide regulations.

The need to improve compliance with international pesticide regulations has been cited as a barrier to export growth in Kenya and a need to check this is being viewed with increasing importance.


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